Saturday, November 21, 2009

I said no! please don't exist

At this time I would like to call out the school printer on its scheming schemes to make the colors on my storyboards look atrocious. They are. Not to say they look brilliant on the computer screen, but when printed out they look like they were painted using only primary blue and maybe some bright magenta. :(

I don't think I've ever posted boards here before! Well I finally got to posting them on my portfolio site:

So here they are :O

I went to the CTN Expo today! Conventions tire me out so much. 8| I'm not really built to be in big crowds each day, and I'm terrible at approaching people at booths at all, much less to shove portfolios rudely in their faces. If Reyna hadn't been there to shout down a retreating story artist, no way would I have talked to anyone at all. XD Although even without trotting around the showroom I got to swap portfolios with a lot of my classmates. :3 Having a bunch of Calarts people there made the atmosphere less scary for me....

But I did manage to get my confidence up enough to show my portfolio around! I got some good critique and surprisingly I felt my design portfolio got more critique than my story portfolio ffffffftwhut? D:

I'm gonna go ahead and attribute the lack of soul-searing criticism on my boards to beginner's luck. :| Granted, the only consistent critique I got for design was, "well, for our studio you'll want to have more characters with volume and less flat, graphic ones". I was like "ffffffffff I was TRYING for the past few months to work on that" and then I remembered that my largest design project for the summer was my Japanese sumi-e designs, which is like the flattest thing I've ever drawn, and I was like "oh".

The dumb thing is I don't think of my style as a terribly flat/graphic style. D: But I dunno, we had a great design lecture on Wednesday that focused on character design with an emphasis on strong draftsmanship so I dunno MAYBE I can work on improving that next.

Because hell knows my attempts to draw Icarus show off my shortcomings in draftsmanship. :|

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