Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If I tried to draw an attractive Hyde.....

.....he would look something like this.

Pretty nervous about going up to Emoryville!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freaky Scary

Big end-of-year post time!

So it's the end of my second year at Calarts. I'm halfway done with college--that's freaky-scary. (Anyone who knows what movie that little phrase is from gets a cookie.)

Incidentally this is the little poster-y image I used for my film. 8| I made a bunch of little cards of it for the Producer's Show and job fair. I never went to check to see if anyone took any at the show (there's a big reception afterwards and tons of important people packed in together with a ton of students in a small space = uncomfortable awkward time!) and I plum forgot to put any out at the job fair. Grrr! I spent most of that morning freaking out as to whether my computer was facing the right direction for enough people to see my film. I ended up actually having a good response overall, which I imagine means I had the monitor facing the right way.

(A commission, me trying to do the style of Japanese brushwork I did last summer.)

A lot of freaky scary things happened this week. Despite being rejected from it two weeks before, I got the Pixar internship in Story after the job fair. I'm going up there on the 5th, a little bit terrified.

THEN I was chosen as the student who gets to go to Gobelins school of animation in Paris for the spring semester. 8| Totally surreal!

As it were these incredibly fortunate things were coupled with some pretty nasty icky gross personal life events. The less severe but still awfully saddening one being that my little pet mouse Hiccup died.

Okay so ummmm end of year things:
1. I'm pretty sure I learned the most from layout class.
2. Anyone familiar with our class's animation teacher drama knows how crazy it was. Second-year traditional animation has been the Defense Against the Dark Arts of Calarts. It seems we've finally hit upon someone awesome, and I seriously hope she doesn't leave :\
3. Story class: character arcs character arcs hahahahahahahahaha *shoots self*
4. Pro-tools was a lot easier to learn on my own. 8| Those giant microphones we had to use got on my nerves.
5. Lotsa fun freshies this year!
6. I barely used my cube at all, lol. I have a desktop computer and my film was all digital this year, so I worked at home.
7. How To Train Your Dragon <3
8. Acting for Animators was . . . interesting . . . Same goes for Directing for Animators.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Night Parade from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.

My second-year film. :)

I got into the Producer's Show, I'm very happy!!