Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oh hell, a lot to report. . . .

This week was mayhem! An unexpected drama during cube signups (and Joseph and my anniversary) luckily wielded a good result--Reyna and I got cube 36 (please visit us because we spend a lot of time painting it!)

Then there was SO MUCH MORE drama with the Freshmen cube sign-up . . . the upside of which was that I finally had those freshies in a captive area and could meet Sam and Mallory (whom I'd talked to before online) and also got to meet some other cool freshies. 83 I hope I manage to stay in touch with them because Lord knows how I tend to accidentally disappear into my hidey hole once the year gets underway.

Now. . . . as for classes.

I think I'm gonna have to drop Maki's. :\ I don't want to, since I want to improve my character design, but I took it already last semester, and the time spent in class tends to exhaust/depress me (some of those model sheets.....). Besides, I can always take it next semester. I'm considering just bugging one of a billion people I know into telling me their homework assignments so I can do them on the side.

BUT I don't feel comfortable doing that until I know what the heck is going on with Directing for Animators. Is it cancelled?? Is it not cancelled?? Dear God adjusting to new schedules freaks me out. I'm not sure if I should go searching out a replacement class but ack there's just another hassle.

I had a spaz attack this weekend because I was trying to do this thing where I would wait to do homework until I had time in my cube, but I started freaking out over the idea of not having homework finished.

So I saddled down and finished all my homework today at my computer because I am a nerd. 8| Also I had nothing else to do. Dear God I had nothing else to do, except perhaps spamming the boyfriend with increasingly whiny nervous text messages.

In lighter news, one of my layout class goals is to somehow design a layout for the first song in The Broken Bride: "I crashed before the birth of Christ, pterodactyls swarming. . . ."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just moved into my new place . . . not used to sleeping in new rooms, am feeling a bit homesick. D: Transition periods treat me badly, and I'm lucky if I can scratch out even little comfort doodles.

I DID feel better for a bit helping the boyfriend unpack and clean for his new apartment, so I did a cleaning!Awais doodle. :3
Awais reminds me of a rarely seen character of mine--Ookami (ironically HER name is wolf TOO wtf) She's Haruki's servant who is always in a state of distress. No one knows much about her.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Byyyyy your genetics~

Hey I'm working on a website update!

Hey I've just realized that the FIRST page of my portfolio includes a character lounging around in a pool of blood. 8| It's really the only gory thing in there at all, but does anyone know if this counts as:
1) display of originality
2) instant turn-off for the sort of people who would look at this portfolio?

I'm not entirely pleased with how the icons are interacting with the layout background. I feel like they should curve more around the circle thing, but I'm not sure how to code that without, like, make a new div layer for each line of images, which would be annoying.

I'm such a lazy web designer. XD I refuse to do anything that isn't completely easy.

Anyway these were some designs for the Japanese project that I liked and I don't think I posted it before.
I was just drawing a character who's supposed to be skinny enough that clothes sort of drape over and fall all over him, and I kept making the excuse, "But I'm not used to drawing clothes that don't fit!" and then I remembered I'd drawn THIS earlier this summer, which is the extreme of that--demons disguising themselves as beautiful women dissolve into smoke, leaving their kimono in a heap.

*wants to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies*

I think whenever I try to design Victorian clothes with high collars, it turns out Regency. Are your clothes choking you to death? You may be in a Jane Austen novel.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And now for some ridiculous song-inspired pictures

Because school is starting so I need to actually finish up all the random crap ideas I had over summer. D: Here's a Jekyll inspired by a Venetian plague doctor's mask....

And Hyde being terribly delirious on "yay! someone else's blood" vibes. Oh man that blood was fun to draw but it so looked like how I would normally draw my drippies. D: *not terribly creative with effects*

Soooo I like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Zero. It sounds like it's making fun of someone.