Thursday, February 19, 2009

Figure drawing post. . . .

Today was reaaaallly slow for figure drawings. . . . by the end of the day I managed these two, but otherwise I was just feeling completely tired and depressed from the week. Not sure why. D: A harsh character design critique right before hand didn't help, I think.

A lot of the time I end up sitting behind the model since there's nowhere else to sit. >( I get so many back poses. . . . so this time I added an extra face. :O

My thought is that she could fit into my demon-verse as a half-witch (the mask face), half succubus. Witches are only awkwardly accepted in Hell, so the merging of the two would be some awful sign of demonic blood thinning. Lol. When the regular face is asleep, the witch-mask can control the body, but it has to do everything backwards--walking, gesturing, etc. I thought it would be fun to animate.

Monday, February 9, 2009


For a workshop on character design we got to draw characters from Oliver Twist. Glee! The Artful Dodger is my favorite character in all the land, so I was happy. The idea here is that Dodger beat up a lot of weak little rich kids and stole their clothes. He sewed on the badges of various boys' private schools like badges of honor: "I beat up some kid from this school and this school and this school. . . ." He has a hat for his hat.