Sunday, December 12, 2010

This film and I are breaking up

I just wanna make these layouts read DX

Plus: some designs

Yeaaaah I'm going to France soon.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drawing Avalanche

Okay I am finally going to try to post here XD I post everywhere BUT here!

And I still don't have everything. 8| Will post tomorrow. Would like to have things vaguely updated by CTN!

I did some dancing doodles--the other ones are totally not done but I went ahead and colored this one because it seems like all my film stuff so far is so damn monochrome. 8|

I am in a sculpture class and I MADE something! Please ignore unkempt me.

This is the human form of the gargoyle from my first-year film.
His story takes place in the Georgian era actually, but if he dressed in modern-day garb he would probably wear crazy T-shirts and no underwear.

More recent sketches, lots of general film character poses.

Inspirational image for my main film character-- in another aspect of her story, she is a runaway bride. :x
Listening to "Marry Me" by Emilie Autumn

First attempt at getting Rachel's cluttered room!

*as a general note: wow, WOW, I have no control of arm length in half of these drawings, I don't know what happened.

Second or third attempt! She kept getting weirder.

This was a doodle that got out of hand. XD I am fond of the linework but I never quite got the coloring down . . .

Old sketches from the summer, mostly from the film!

First attempt at drawing my second film character. He is friendly-ish.

A random commission!

sore ga himitsu! All my roommates were watching Slayers.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I haven't updated here in forever~

Have some Al Hirschfeldt, Ronald Searle, and Shrek style (or at least, attempts at the style) vampires :O

Monday, September 27, 2010


I haven't posted here in months, ne!

I kept intending to post something that would sum up the internship over the summer but I've been a spot busy D:

And now I have to learn FRENCH.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Film WIP stuff

Film process dump!

It feels so long since I've worked on this 8| (I guess it's been about two months.... which in film time IS pretty long....)

Currently up at the Pixar internship-- not going to write anything about that probably until the end of summer though :P IM me if you want to hear about it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If I tried to draw an attractive Hyde.....

.....he would look something like this.

Pretty nervous about going up to Emoryville!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freaky Scary

Big end-of-year post time!

So it's the end of my second year at Calarts. I'm halfway done with college--that's freaky-scary. (Anyone who knows what movie that little phrase is from gets a cookie.)

Incidentally this is the little poster-y image I used for my film. 8| I made a bunch of little cards of it for the Producer's Show and job fair. I never went to check to see if anyone took any at the show (there's a big reception afterwards and tons of important people packed in together with a ton of students in a small space = uncomfortable awkward time!) and I plum forgot to put any out at the job fair. Grrr! I spent most of that morning freaking out as to whether my computer was facing the right direction for enough people to see my film. I ended up actually having a good response overall, which I imagine means I had the monitor facing the right way.

(A commission, me trying to do the style of Japanese brushwork I did last summer.)

A lot of freaky scary things happened this week. Despite being rejected from it two weeks before, I got the Pixar internship in Story after the job fair. I'm going up there on the 5th, a little bit terrified.

THEN I was chosen as the student who gets to go to Gobelins school of animation in Paris for the spring semester. 8| Totally surreal!

As it were these incredibly fortunate things were coupled with some pretty nasty icky gross personal life events. The less severe but still awfully saddening one being that my little pet mouse Hiccup died.

Okay so ummmm end of year things:
1. I'm pretty sure I learned the most from layout class.
2. Anyone familiar with our class's animation teacher drama knows how crazy it was. Second-year traditional animation has been the Defense Against the Dark Arts of Calarts. It seems we've finally hit upon someone awesome, and I seriously hope she doesn't leave :\
3. Story class: character arcs character arcs hahahahahahahahaha *shoots self*
4. Pro-tools was a lot easier to learn on my own. 8| Those giant microphones we had to use got on my nerves.
5. Lotsa fun freshies this year!
6. I barely used my cube at all, lol. I have a desktop computer and my film was all digital this year, so I worked at home.
7. How To Train Your Dragon <3
8. Acting for Animators was . . . interesting . . . Same goes for Directing for Animators.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Night Parade from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.

My second-year film. :)

I got into the Producer's Show, I'm very happy!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

And you'll need your mind for later on

MORE LAYOUTS. These are actually reworkings of shots I finished ages ago but am deciding to redo, because the original ones were a bit sloppy.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hyde break

Okay, I was a good animator today and worked through the morning, so I get to take a break and draw a silly picture of Hyde listening to "Where is My Mind?"

I would really prefer to be watching Fight Club right now. Oh well, back to work 8D

(This is possibly the girliest Hyde I have ever drawn)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've been spazzing out all semester about how my story portfolio doesn't have anything really funny in it (normal funny, as opposed to "wow that owl is really being eaten alive that is funny" funny). I also don't have anything that could really be considered "rough". These.... aren't really rough either, but I resisted the urge to tone the crap out of everything.


....I just realized that ALL of my storyboarding projects involve a small creature running away from a big one. Uh oh.

Monday, March 15, 2010


As I get less and less confident in my grasp on storytelling, I compensate by making COLORFUL LAYOUTS.

The idea is to give everyone who passes through the Mac labs the idea that I must be making a good film because I'm using so many CoLoRs, and then to disappoint them majestically at the open show when they find out that actually the film as a whole is completely incoherent.

My boss made fun of me, saying that I must not have spent enough time on story if I have so much time to color my film (which I....don't, really). This is actually the opposite of true. I had a much firmer grasp of what the story was when it was simple than when I tried to screw around with it all first semester and ended up with something confusing and overly complicated.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm so bored of animating this shot

Five minute doodles drawn while listening to Regina Spektor~

Friday, February 5, 2010


I woke up tired, isn't it awful when that happens??

My method for creating backgrounds: draw a questionable layout, attempt to fix the composition later, cover most of it up with magical bubble lights.

Mysteriously I got a LOT of sketching done in a very short time on Tuesday.
I had a brief period of actually knowing how to draw Lucy, which impressed me. That girl has huge hips. She is also brash and angry almost all the time, and yet she's probably one of the least aggressive women that Dr. Jekyll has ever become entangled with. As in she's not very likely to beat him up when she gets bored of him.

I like the kittystretch!Hyde!! Mrrrrr..... (I made other attempts to draw him cat-like but ran up against the limits of my drawing ability.)

Lucy shouts a lot, which is really the only way to get Hyde to listen to you. I drew this mostly because the gesture popped into my head but also because I wanted to draw that huge bustle sticking out in the back.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tarot fail!

I have vague aspirations to make the lamest Tarot deck ever.
That's probably going to last only until I realize that I don't want to work with that portrait-y aspect ratio anymore.

Man as soon as I start animating EVERYTHING ELSE looks instantly more fun.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little comic pages

Two unrelated comic pages that have to do with Frankenstein. :3
I hope blogger doesn't shrink them--if so, I'll upload them to deviantArt...

Frankenstein has devoted a fair amount of energy in his life to NOT running into Henry Jekyll. :| They have a history.

Frankenstein and Hyde go on a stroll through the London rooftops. :3

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A thumbnail for one of the backgrounds for my film. I liked the layout sorta?

I'm trying to do some comic pages to work on my composition skills and whatnot. :< God I hope the final product won't suck!

Aaaagh I'm not ready for it to be film season alreadyyyy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Frankenstein

As usual, the simplest drawing ideas are the only ones that get finished....