Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drawing Avalanche

Okay I am finally going to try to post here XD I post everywhere BUT here!

And I still don't have everything. 8| Will post tomorrow. Would like to have things vaguely updated by CTN!

I did some dancing doodles--the other ones are totally not done but I went ahead and colored this one because it seems like all my film stuff so far is so damn monochrome. 8|

I am in a sculpture class and I MADE something! Please ignore unkempt me.

This is the human form of the gargoyle from my first-year film.
His story takes place in the Georgian era actually, but if he dressed in modern-day garb he would probably wear crazy T-shirts and no underwear.

More recent sketches, lots of general film character poses.

Inspirational image for my main film character-- in another aspect of her story, she is a runaway bride. :x
Listening to "Marry Me" by Emilie Autumn

First attempt at getting Rachel's cluttered room!

*as a general note: wow, WOW, I have no control of arm length in half of these drawings, I don't know what happened.

Second or third attempt! She kept getting weirder.

This was a doodle that got out of hand. XD I am fond of the linework but I never quite got the coloring down . . .

Old sketches from the summer, mostly from the film!

First attempt at drawing my second film character. He is friendly-ish.

A random commission!

sore ga himitsu! All my roommates were watching Slayers.