Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kagemono: finished!

 Hey, everypony! Kagemono, my fourth year film, is finished!

To my great surprise it would appear that I am heading up to Pixar again, this time for the art internship! I will try to get up as much new work as I can here before the summer....

Oh also I'm graduating from Calarts? I may do one of those self-indulgent "reflection on my four years" posts but I'll try to liven it up with a silly drawing, eh?


  1. Congrats Sabrina !

    I really liked your movie, the vis dev was great and the character cute.

    I really like the backgrounds, really clear whith great colours .

    And the animation was of course really good.

    It's amazing you went to Pixar twice for internships, even more for an art intership .

    Hope to see more soon !


  2. That's really, incredibly amazing!
    Good luck with your internship! Art internship sounds great, do share some experience whenever possible, it would be of great interest!
    Also, as a fellow pony, i was wondering if you were looking at the job advises form dhx media...

    1. I actually haven't seen them? I'm actually really bad at looking for things like job opps, unless they're really clearly advertized on the company's website I likely won't know about them. D:

    2. A while ago i've seen a few openings in the character design department and storyboard department... but it was quite a while ago, so i don't think they'll still avaible. But, hey, who knows what the future holds for us?! If i happen to find something i'll write you^^

  3. Congrats Sabrina!

    I have been following your progress all throughout CalArts and have greatly enjoyed all of your films. Best of luck in whatever comes next!

    -Victor Maury

  4. Hi Sabrina,

    your film is great really i liked it the way presentation and simply characters.

    I am bala sutar from ndia i have applied for pixar art internship 2012 summer program.
    Still i am waiting for their reply.
    as you have done an internship in pixar how was the experience? Are you still pixar intern or you have done with that?
    After applying for the internship when they call you back?

    hey i am waiting for your reply.
    this is my blog link:-

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Sabrina, congratz for your second PIXAR intern!
    Hope you'll get into your dream job and continue creating stuffs that warms our heart=)

    I love your delightful Visual Storytelling and the way you handle sentimental moments in your films. Your sweet and lively characters are so appealing and adorable. Keep the spirit up and wish you all the best!


  6. Saw this at the producers show last night, beautiful work, congratulations!

  7. this is amazing work! I love the design, colors, animation, story...everything about this film! great job! congrats on your internship!

  8. So cute so clever, so cool, enjoy your time at!!!!

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