Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just finished a first attempt at a color script for the film!

An illustration assignment using a long thin panel, conveniently appropriated for film work!

Another quick assignment, working from the ending of The Golden Compass.

I also ended up doing a couple sketches of Megalow, an aging magical girl. Unfortunately it would appear that magical sparkle powers don't translate quite so well to real world skills--she's ended up homeless in New York City, carting around her collections of anime memorabilia in her very own shopping cart.

"What else have I been drawing, besides schoolwork?"
"Oh. A bunch of sloppy sketches of Haruki and friends."


  1. You gotta draw little mouse Pan with Lyyyra! Wonderful work as always Sabrina!

  2. I love your work for illustration class!

  3. Wow your storyboard on DeviantArt is AWESOME !