Friday, September 4, 2009

Byyyyy your genetics~

Hey I'm working on a website update!

Hey I've just realized that the FIRST page of my portfolio includes a character lounging around in a pool of blood. 8| It's really the only gory thing in there at all, but does anyone know if this counts as:
1) display of originality
2) instant turn-off for the sort of people who would look at this portfolio?

I'm not entirely pleased with how the icons are interacting with the layout background. I feel like they should curve more around the circle thing, but I'm not sure how to code that without, like, make a new div layer for each line of images, which would be annoying.

I'm such a lazy web designer. XD I refuse to do anything that isn't completely easy.

Anyway these were some designs for the Japanese project that I liked and I don't think I posted it before.
I was just drawing a character who's supposed to be skinny enough that clothes sort of drape over and fall all over him, and I kept making the excuse, "But I'm not used to drawing clothes that don't fit!" and then I remembered I'd drawn THIS earlier this summer, which is the extreme of that--demons disguising themselves as beautiful women dissolve into smoke, leaving their kimono in a heap.

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