Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer blues

This was a small commission and I think it marks really the first thing that's been decent since I got back from Italy because well, the girl it was meant for liked it. XD Actually I like it too, as I am prone to do of anything new, but he does look a lot like Muntz, doesn't he? I really like Muntz (one of my favorite Pixar villains, I think), but I don't like the prospect that every skinny old guy I draw is likely to turn out looking like him. D:

Well, here's a kind of fat old guy?
A preview from the Japanese music video I'm working on, although really I'm beginning to lose confidence a little.... :x The idea was that I would focus on the design aspect and have more of a "moving image" rather than real animation. That's because the whole thing is 4 minutes long--originally it was a relatively small segment of animation and the rest was footage, but the situation has shifted rather out of my favor in that department. :x

I'm doubting my ability to do a proper job in the time allotted, and I'm wondering if it's going to pay off in the end. This leads to all kinds of troublesome contemplations.... am I wasting my summer? What am I supposed to be doing with summer, actually? What do most people do with summer? Why can't I think of anything better to draw (seriously)? To make matters worse I'm supposed to be seeing Thief and the Cobbler (Recobbled) with a friend this weekend, which is not exactly a movie that tells you, "Hard work will pay off in the end." (Well, not the movie itself, but the drama surrounding it.)


  1. You make concubines look so awesome.

    Ilooooooove you. :d