Wednesday, March 18, 2009


An odd assignment about superheroes living in an apartment building. Used the opportunity to work on some designs I already had going. :P

On the top is Haruki, an 11-year-old supervillain I've had for a few years. I'm trying to rework his design to make his powers more specific--replacing his ability to control "small things" is a small army of magical bugs. He's the Bug Prince. :) When he has his costume on I'm still going for an attitude akin to the Digimon Kaizer (squeal!!)

On the bottom is a character I just started trying to draw (although she's been present in Haruki's world since the beginning). Apparently the term for her is "octomom" or something like that--one of those ungodly large families with 20 kids who have all those reality TV shows recently. Those families are always white and composed of vapid, average children--thus, these ones have no faces at all.

The lady travels around with her children to megachurches across the nation, talking about the evils of birth control and caffeine. Oh, and whenever she needs a new kid but can't get pregnant for whatever reason, she invites a hapless neiborhood child over and brainwashes them with daytime television until their faces fall off.

I haven't come up with a look for her face yet. I'm thinking a mix between Ann Coulter and Jennifer Aniston.

I came up with all this during the week so she's quite subject to change. :\

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  1. Wow! I love Haruki's design!

    And to answer you're questions from my blog, I will be going to CalArts next year :) Yeah, I went to CSSSA this past year and I remember meeting you! :D

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to accepted student day (i live in the midwest). Hopefully, I'll be able to re-meet you next year!

    P.S. I adore you're style